Business & Sustainability Sustainability in business

With the growing importance of sustainability, public interest in the social and ecological implications of corporate action is experiencing an upswing, and the companies themselves are becoming increasingly keen to assume social responsibility.


Government and lawmakers have set parameters for an economic policy based on sustainability. For example, the regional energy revolution is being promoted, and bureaucratic obstacles removed. But it is not going fast enough. Efforts to meet the Paris climate targets and fulfil the UN’s sustainable development goals must be accelerated.


A closer integration of entrepreneurial and ecological endeavours is an urgent desideratum. The energy revolution requires active participation. The business community itself has to play a part in a sustainable development.

Our region is economically strong. Whether a company is small or medium sized, or even a large global player, all must make an active contribution to a sustainable future.

Sustainability as a generator of innovation

Our business community has the potential to develop sustainable and future-oriented processes and structures, products and services, and successfully deliver these to the market.

It is our aim to bolster and accelerate these processes through the communication and networking of all involved.