FENECON electricity storage systems with intelligent FENECON energy management system FEMS.

Our vision is the 100% energy transition. As a family business we are characterized by enthusiasm and technical precision in order to implement what is feasible in a sustainable, durable and reusable way. For this we have been awarded again and again and are e.g. Germany's Top Innovator 2023.
Our electricity storage systems for private, commercial, industrial, PV park and grid operators in virtually all size and performance classes are optimized by the multiple award-winning, open source-based energy management system FEMS.  
In this way, we provide financial relief to customers and technical relief to the power grid. The stored energy enables sector coupling and a high degree of peak shaving, as it can be used for heating or cooling, mobility, production, trade, commerce or in the residential sector. Renewable energies can be available anywhere and at any time thanks to our electricity storage systems.


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