When we think about a more sustainable future, bicycles are always part of the solution. That's why we sell bikes, offer the largest range of cargo bikes in Eastern Bavaria, support sharing projects, run a workshop and bike logistics, develop charging infrastructure, and passionately pedal forward! Founded in 1988 as the "Fahr Rad Laden" in the northern part of Regensburg, Feine Räder relocated to Furtmayrstraße in 1994 and expanded in 2023 due to increased customer demand. With a wide variety of bike models, from classic city and trekking bikes for everyday riders to folding and recumbent bikes, as well as cargo bikes for heavy-duty transport, we are committed to providing the best advice to our customers. We believe that with our expertise in bicycles, charging infrastructure, sharing, and logistics, we can offer the right solution to many questions our customers may have regarding the future of mobility.


Feine Räder GmbH
Furtmayerstr. 10-12
93053 Regensburg
Tel. 0171 3680504

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