Viessmann sales office Plattling

The CO2 neutral Viessmann sales office in Plattling has been in operation since 2012. A dozen employees are available to the trade partners in the region for sales and training.

The sales office is supplied entirely from renewable energies. Heating is provided by a heat pump that draws its energy from groundwater at a depth of 14 metres. Tube collectors mounted on the façade deliver hot water. And on the roof, 256 PV modules generate electricity.

The building complies with the Gold Standard of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). With this best-practice example, Viessmann wants to encourage investors to also implement sustainable building concepts.


Viessmann Deutschland GmbH - Niederlassung Plattling
Straubinger Straße 87
94447 Plattling
Tel. +49 9931 95610

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