Green Tech Cluster

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With the rapid development of technology and increasing specialization of companies, networking between business and science is a necessary factor for success.
The Green Tech Cluster offers your company intensive exchange to get to know new companies or research projects.

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We are networking experts Energieagentur Regensburg

For the success of the energy transition and for the expansion of environmental and climate protection, the dissemination of information and the mutual exchange among the actors via a network is important. The Energy Agency operates regional and supraregional networks with various partners and target groups.

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Networked for the future!

Green Tech Cluster - the supra-regional network for future technologies in energy and climate protection.

The Cluster is a group of specialist providers of products and services in the fields of the research, development and application of future technologies.

The aim of the Cluster is to establish Regensburg and its surrounding area as a key location for expertise in future technologies for energy and climate protection. This will be achieved through the co-operation of diverse partners, active networking, and the initiation and support of research and application projects.

The Green Tech Cluster is a project of Energieagentur Regensburg.

The Green Tech Cluster Mission Statement

Presenting your Activities

Green Tech Cluster offers you as a company the opportunity to showcase the innovative commitment that is integral to your product or service. You can find more information about our communication and information range here.


The Cluster seeks to promote relocations and start-ups in the field of CO2-free technologies in the region. This is achieved through close cooperation with the economic development agencies of the City of Regensburg, and the District of Regensburg and Kelheim. Working together with the local universities opens up avenues for pursuing scientific questions and initiating R&D projects. You can find more information on this here.

Diversity in Technology

The cluster is not limited to any one technology sector. The challenges posed by climate protection and sustainability are so complex that they can only be solved by combining the most varied technologies.