About the Cluster Motivation and Value

The Cluster is a project of Energieagentur Regensburg.
It was initiated together with the City of Regensburg.

Green Tech Cluster began in April 2021 as a project of Energieagentur Regensburg. Together with the City of Regensburg’s Office for Economics and Science, Green Tech Cluster was developed as a supplement to the existing focus groups of the city.

Green Tech Cluster represents the supra-regional network for future technologies in energy and climate protection.

In addition to local government, the cluster also cooperates with other organizations and associations:

Green Tech Cluster Regensburg focusses on the twin issues “economics & sustainability” and “technology & research”.

The Cluster focusses on current and future-orientated problems that affect every company, and hopes by solving these to help companies achieve success in the long term.

  • How can we as a firm be climate neutral?
  • Can we steer the transformation process actively and creatively?
  • And many others.


Areas of Activity

In order to encourage developments in technology and innovation and to foster cooperation, the Cluster is active in four areas.