Technology & Research Innovations from energy and environmental technology

The development and deployment of new climate-friendly technologies is the key to a sustainable future. As a location for industry and commerce, Regensburg benefits from these technologies not only in social and environmental terms, but above all economically.

Innovations for tomorrow’s economy

Innovations in renewable energy point the way for tomorrow’s successful economy: sustainable, resource-saving and emission-free. This requires creating and retaining know-how in the region. By bringing together suppliers and consumers of CO2-free technologies, technology, research and business can profit from each other.

Strengthening competitiveness

New solutions in energy and environmental technology also have the potential to bring significant benefits for the competitiveness of the Regensburg region. The Cluster contributes to the utilization and exploitation of these opportunities. As this technology has a very broad scope of application, all sectors of industry and commerce stand to benefit from it, as an investment in our shared future.